Monoprix is a French supermarket chain offering a wide range of food, hygiene and beauty products.

Monoprix currently has over 800 stores in France, as well as stores abroad, and sales of 5 billion euros by 2022.

The company now has over 800 stores in France and abroad, and sales of 5 billion euros in 2017.

Our collaboration with Monoprix involves communication around an exclusive promotional offer in the Paris region and throughout France.

Génération de trafic sur site Web et PDV

Monoprix wants to attract as many potential customers as possible to the website and in-store to take advantage of the offer on offer.

The aim is to maximize the visibility of the offer to internet users and consumers to encourage conversion and increase sales.

Native advertising in newsletters is an effective direct marketing strategy to reach a targeted and engaged audience.‍

Offer description

December 1 to 8: €50 free on purchases of €100 or more (€30 immediate discount and €20 credited to the card) in the Paris region only with code NEWPLUS.

From December 9 to 31 in the Paris region: €30 free on purchases of €100 or more (immediate discount) with code NEWPLUS.

In the provinces until the end of the year: €30 free on purchases of €100 HELLO30

Our strategy for this campaign was as follows:

Distribution in newsletters such as Cuisine Actuelle, 20 minutes, Marie Claire Idée, Marie France, Ouest France.

Attractive headlines and high-quality images to attract readers' attention and encourage clicks.

Optimized placements to maximize visibility and generate a good click-through rate: Header and In-feed of the newsletter.

The advertising campaigns ran over a 1-month period, generating 110 million impressions and 405,000 clicks for Monoprix.

Interesting results that helped increase website traffic and boost POS sales.

Click rate

They trust us