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Ividence, native advertising and newsletter monetization specialist

We develop our own services and technologies, centered on data and innovation.

Who are we ?

Our story
Founded in 2008

We are dedicated to developing monetisation solutions for advertisersand publishers.

In 2015

We launched the first adserver for newsletters

In 2016

- 10 of the top French online & print publishers
- Launchof native ads as a complement to display advertising
- Launch of the Ividence AdExchange to help publishers monetise their newsletter inventory

In 2017

Implementation of RTB on the AdExchange which becomes programmatic and allows agencies & DSPs to buy newsletter inventory in real time

In 2017

Ligatus Gbmh (Subsidiary of Gruner+Jahr) signs a partnership with Ividence

In 2019

Outbrain (Nasdaq: OB) chooses Ividence adserver as its global partner to monetise its publishers newsletters

In 2020

Dekuple (Euronext:DKUPL) acquires Ividence

In 2021

Launch of CRM-as-a-Service offers.

They trust us

Our values - added CSR commitments

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Human First

We believe in developing a long-term relationship between the publisher and each member ofits audience. We believe that focusing on the short term with a focus on "eCPM/impression/quarter" optimisation is a limited approach. We believe in the notion of Lifetime Value between a publisher and each of its readers, and we want to help develop this relationship. We believe that people come primarily for a publisher's content. Within an implicit or explicit reading contract, they want to see ads that are relevant to them and that respect their relationship with the publisher.

Technological Exceller

Our approaches to experimentation and innovation are above all data-centric, and we believe in the power of numerical demonstration. We develop our own services, and are first and foremost a company that develops technologies, and operates them for real customers to solve real problems.

Accountable Creativity

We believe that advertisers have the right to demand full transparency on the effectiveness of each of their investments. We believe that they should be able to know with certainty with which audience and on which screen they are in relation, person by person.

In our view, marketing solutions should be fraud-free by design, not via a paid overlay.

We believe that investments in DMP-type solutions should be used for marketing projects that are directly integrated with these solutions, and that it is up to us to create and deliver solutions that fit the advertisers' systems, not the otherway around.

Native By Design

We want togive our partners the widest range of tools, for publishers and advertisers alike. Your formats will always be designed for the smoothest possible integration with user experience.

Our team is at the service of your performance

Native By Design

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We are part of the Dekuple Group, the European data-marketing specialist

Dekuple is a French family-owned Group, created in 1972, a major player in cross-channel data marketing, present in France, Spain, Portugal and China. The Group is led by Bertrand Laurioz, Chairman and CEO, the 3rd from the family, who took the helm in September 2019.

181,2M €

Turnover in 2022


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50 years

of existence

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