Ikea is a brand known and recognized the world over for its functional, designer and affordable furniture.

Its mission is to improve the daily lives of as many people as possible.

Ikea entrusted us with the communication of the following offers: Dressing room design: users could benefit from a free 30-minute videoconference appointment with an expert to design a dressing room. ‍ Living room storage design: users could take advantage of a free 30-minute videoconference appointment with an expert to design storage for their living room. Au revoir désordre: Ikea offered its LOTE chest of drawers for €39.99 to help users tidy up their homes on a budge

Objective: Generate traffic

The brand aims to improve its visibility and increase visits to its website and stores in France.


To maximize campaign performance, we employed several strategies.

Choice of media : we selected media such as Voici quotidienne, Voici Active, Nature Essence, Gala Quotidienne and Femme Actuelle to reach a wide and varied audience.

Personalization : ads were customized according to media and target to maximize their effectiveness.

Highlighting benefits : we highlighted the advantages of the offers proposed to encourage users to take action.

Performance monitoring : we tracked campaign performance in real time to adjust our strategy if necessary.

During the month of broadcast, the campaign generated 95 million impressions and over 200,100 clicks.

A fine performance that helped boost traffic to the website and in-store.

Click rate

They trust us