Cupra is a Spanish vehicle brand established in 2018.

The brand focuses on building high-performance, sporty cars and using cutting-edge technologies to deliver a superior driving experience.

Cupra is about elegant, fast vehicles with innovative features for drivers with a passion for cars.

Ividence's expertise lies in providing digital marketing solutions and audience targeting tools to help companies improve their visibility and generate qualified leads. It was in this context that we collaborated with the Cupra brand.

Objectif : Visibility

The Cupra brand's objective is to boost its visibility and the time spent visiting its site.‍

‍To achieve this objective, we draw on our expertise and propose a strategy of native advertising in newsletters, which integrates perfectly with the editorial content.


We chose to run the campaign in premium newsletters such as Gala, Capital, Jour de Sport and Auto Plus.

These media had a relevant audience for the Cupra brand, made up of people interested in luxury, finance, sport and trends.

We created native ads that resembled the editorial content of the newsletters, but included key elements to grab readers' attention and entice them to click.

We also used clear, inciting calls to action to encourage readers to visit the Cupra site.

The campaign generated 90 million impressions and 85.030 clicks, demonstrating the effectiveness of the newsletter native advertising strategy in achieving Cupra's objectives.

‍The campaign achieved a high conversion rate thanks to readers' engagement with the advertising content.

Click rate

They trust us