What are the main advantages of email?


What are the main advantages of email?

Once threatened by text messaging and instant messaging, email is still going strong. What are the advantages of email? There are a number of advantages that speak in its favor and ensure its longevity. Here's a quick look at email's strengths...

1. Omnipresence

The first advantage is that e-mail is ubiquitous. All web services require the use of an email address to register (even if the login can then be made in another way). Without email, there's no salvation.

No one can claim to own the email channel. It has survived the rise of the GAFAM silos. So no one can take away the use of your precious email address (or prevent you from creating as many as you like). It's a privilege that may seem trivial and obvious, but it's particularly valuable at a time when users are increasingly dependent on the often arbitrary goodwill of platforms. Email, free by design.

Anything can be shared by email, in the form of attachments. Email, the all-purpose tool for digital communication.

2. A backup system

One of the advantages of email is that it naturally saves the history of exchanges and attachments. Combined with a well-organized folder system, this makes it possible to manage all kinds of situations, both private and professional. Email as an extension of your memory, message after message.

3. A major digital communication channel

Email could undoubtedly be replaced by a system offering identical advantages, but this would be of little use. What's the point of replacing a solution with a clone? So there's no reason to worry about the eventual disappearance of email. It will continue to be an essential channel of digital communication. A channel complemented by instant messaging in all cases where immediacy takes precedence over persistence, or by video calls (often scheduled by email), when visual contact is required.

4. A newsletter vector

Finally, as we've written many times before, email is also the vector for a medium that is now establishing itself as a platform in its own right: the newsletter. ividence's mission is to enable premium publishers to effectively monetize their inventory. And to offer advertisers a quality alternative to the cluttered reach of traditional silos.

Whether transactional or as a newsletter vehicle, email offers a range of advantages, and is just waiting for your creativity to demonstrate its full effectiveness.

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