Newsletters: a new acquisition lever for advertisers


Newsletters: a new acquisition lever for advertisers

Social networks are well known for monetizing their platforms. On news sites and thematic blogs, advertisements are also integrated into the pages. Today, more and more sites are opting to monetize their content in order to generate additional revenue and increase their margins. Although these traditional media are a benchmark for monetization, new equally effective media are emerging, such as newsletters. Indeed, newsletters now represent an acquisition lever for your campaigns.

Une audience à ne pas négliger

A newsletter's audience is qualified and engaged with its medium.
The publisher has a regular audience, sending newsletters on a daily or weekly basis that can reach thousands of people every day. Newsletters therefore have the advantage of an audience engaged with the content or brand. They are opt-in, meaning they have given their consent to receive one or more newsletters. This makes them more attentive to content reading and native advertising.

Targeting like Google and Facebook ads

Newsletter publishers have a database of information about their subscribers, collected at the time of registration. This generally consists of the surname, first name, date of birth and zip code.
Similar to Google adwords and Facebook Ads, it's possible to deliver personalized ads based on demographic or geographic data. Advertisers wishing to target women between the ages of 18 and 40 can add this targeting to reach a more relevant audience. If they wish to further refine their targeting, they can also choose to broadcast only to certain departments, or to target a particular device (smartphone, tablet or computer).

High-performance results thanks to native advertising

Newsletter advertising campaigns are native advertising. The ads are integrated into the publisher's content. The advantage is that the ads blend seamlessly with the articles. The ad placement will therefore have as much impact on the reader as the publisher's content. This gives the advertising campaign greater visibility. The CTR of native formats is said to be 3 times higher than that of display ads, boosting campaign performance.

The newsletter has thus become a double acquisition lever. A source of traffic for the publisher to his site, and for the advertiser to his offer. This medium enables advertisers to increase their reach by reaching a new, qualified audience through native advertising. A popular advertising format that boosts performance through improved visibility.

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