Landing page: 6 mistakes to avoid to increase your conversion rate


Landing page: 6 mistakes to avoid to increase your conversion rate

Are you running online campaigns that bring you traffic but no conversions? Here are the main mistakes to avoid on your landing page to increase your conversion rate and generate as many leads as possible:

1 - Your landing page doesn't meet the expectations of your visitors.

There's an inconsistency between the message and the landing page. The landing page doesn't correspond to the campaign promise clicked on. Make sure that the advertising message relates to your page. Write your benefits and your message according to your target audience and the objective of your campaigns.

2 - You're using a page from your website.

Some people take pages from their website and turn them into a landing page. However, these pages are not always adapted to the message the user is looking for, and may contain too much information. They need to be designed specifically for a campaign, with a message tailored to the need.

3 - Your landing page title is too long.

If the title is too long, the information may not be clear. It needs to be short and to the point. Internet users need to quickly understand where they are and why they should continue browsing this page.

4 - Your page contains a menu and/or footer.

Unlike the pages on your website, the landing page should not have a menu or footer. These are links that could lead visitors to leave the page. In fact, the primary purpose of the landing page is to redirect the visitor when he clicks on the form designed to convert. If the visitor clicks on the menu to visit the site and leaves the landing page, it will not have achieved its lead generation objective.

5 - You don't have testimonials or references on your landing page.

Customer testimonials or logos are important in the visitor's decision-making process. In the B-to-C sector, testimonials generally describe the positive effects of using a product or service. In B-to-B, logos of customers with whom the company works, or logos of partners, have the same effect as a recommendation. This reassures the reader about the offer, especially if the partners are well-known. However, these elements are still often lacking to drive conversion.

6 - The CTA on your landing page isn't visible enough.

The CTA is the button the surfer has to click to become a lead. It's therefore important to highlight this button so that visitors can find it quickly and easily. The CTA must be eye-catching to encourage a click. To achieve this, use an eye-catching color to make the button stand out from the rest of the page. If visitors are interested in your offer but can't find your CTA, they'll leave the page and won't complete the conversion.

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