Ividence helps you monetize your newsletter inventory


 Ividence helps you monetize your newsletter inventory

Ividence helps publishers effectively monetize one of their most important assets: their newsletter.

Newsletters have gradually become a true strategic asset, offering direct access to readers, without intermediaries. Over the past 3 years, leading American and European publishers, including The New York Times and BuzzFeed, have expressed growing concern about their dependence on Facebook and Google. They decided to develop their own audience by (re)launching a newsletter program.

Buzzfeed's newsletters have proved to be a huge success, and particularly effective in driving traffic to the publisher's site. This channel has become Buzzfeed's second-largest traffic generator, just after Facebook. The Morning Briefing, a newsletter published by The New York Times, has over 1.3 million subscribers and a 60+% open rate!

Newsletters are a strategic traffic-generating channel for all our customers, representing over 50% of web visits for the most dynamic among them.

That said, until now, newsletters have been difficult to monetize, unsuited to traditional online advertising approaches. Ividence has developed a platform exclusively dedicated to monetizing premium newsletters, generating high CPMs thanks to its targeting engine centered on the recipient of each message.

The company's technology makes it easy to insert native creatives into any template, using a simple tag that triggers the on-the-fly display of a unique message that can be personalized for each recipient, drawing on the targeting power of the most deterministic of cross-platform identifiers: the email address.

The combination of user targeting based on email address and the latest programmatic advertising techniques (including RTB) opens the way to a whole range of applications, at the crossroads of martech and adtech: marketing automation (for acquisition or retention purposes), retargeting (including the recovery of shopping cart abandonment), message adaptation to the timing of sending, etc.

Instead of broadcasting an identical message to the entire list of newsletter subscribers, Ividence allows you to generate a unique creative for each reader on the fly, which considerably improves the impact of the message and the average revenue per recipient (eCPM).

It's a win-win-win model: a better experience for the reader, greater efficiency for the advertiser and higher revenues for the publisher. What's more, newsletters expand publishers' inventory without increasing advertising pressure on readers.

Ividence offers the first full-stack SSP / adserver solution specifically developed for email newsletters. The company currently has over 50 publisher partners reaching more than 20 million readers every month. These publishers include: Prisma Media, M6 group, GMC Media, Planet, 20 Minutes, Reworld Média, Cambium Média, Le Monde, Boursier...

CEO: Eric Prigent

contact@ividence.com | 3 Rue Henri Rol-Tanguy 2, 93100 Montreuil – France

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