Get Revue, a tool to create your newsletter easily and for free

Get Revue, a tool to create your newsletter easily and for free

The newsletter, a channel that is still widely used to consult the news or new trends in a sector. Many platforms are emerging to help companies or content creators to share and distribute their work to a target audience. Get Revue is one of those platforms that allow writers to send their own newsletter focusing only on content through a very simple interface.

What is Get Revue?

Get Revue is a platform to create and send newsletters for free. It is a complete tool that takes into account the creation and performance monitoring of newsletters and the management of subscribers. The advantage is that the tool is very simple and does not require any technical knowledge to create and send its content.

The Get Revue website is in English. However, there is a French version for the interface of the subscriber area and the newsletters.

She joined Twitter in January 2021, the social network where many writers and journalists share their content with their community. Editors have their audience and users get their information on this platform. The acquisition of Revue will facilitate this content creation goal for editors by monetizing their work with readers. Previously, Revue was available for free up to 50 subscribers, but it is now possible to have a larger audience.

How does the Revue platform work?

The tool has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to format the newsletter to focus on the content. Indeed, Revue proposes to create its first newsletter with an automatic formatting using a drag and drop of text, image, video, paragraph or link. Revue offers 2 sober and refined newsletter designs.

To start, you just have to create an account, choose the name of your newsletter and specify your country of residence. Then you have to import or create manually your list of subscribers.

You can then create your newsletter by choosing the content you want to insert in your newsletter (title, text, images). 

Once the newsletter is ready, you can send it directly or schedule the sending by indicating a date and time. The sending of the newsletters is done via the servers of Revue guaranteeing an excellent deliverability to the recipients.

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What are the advantages of Revue?

An extension to store content

Revue has set up a very interesting extension for Chrome for content monitoring. This extension allows, when browsing sites, to set aside content that you want to integrate into a future newsletter. The saved content will appear with the other sources of information on the Revue interface and it will be possible to integrate it directly into the next newsletter.

Real-time statistics

Once sent, you can view real-time statistics on Revue such as the number of opens, the number of clicks or the rate of clicks to an article or a link. In addition, Revue automatically saves and stores all newsletters that have been sent so that readers can find older mailings.

Easier subscriber management

Subscriber management is also simplified. Editors can add new subscribers directly on Revue or by importing a database from Mailchimp or Excel for example. Revue can also generate a form that can be inserted on its website or blog in order to collect and therefore allow readers to subscribe to its newsletter. The platform also handles unsubscription requests. Again, you don't need to take the time to manage the unsubscriptions manually.

A freemium model

On Revue, it is possible to create and send your newsletter for free or to proceed with a subscription. For paid subscriptions, Revue charges 5% (excluding Stripe fees) of revenues. You can also test a free and paid version or make part of your content visible and make the rest accessible by subscription.

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