Every detail counts to optimize your email conversion rate.


Every detail counts to optimize your email conversion rate

You've invested a considerable amount of time in building a subscriber base for your newsletter. Now you need to optimize the conversion rate of your emails (opens, clicks, subsequent actions). And when it comes to conversion, every little detail makes a difference. 

Here are a few statistics:

  • 35% of readers open an email based on its subject line (Convince & Convert). Moral: work on your subject line.
  • Emails with 2 or more links generate 2x more clicks than others (LaunchBit). Moral: multiply hyperlinks, from intro to PS.
  • Advanced email personalization can increase CTR by up to 35% (Emailmonks). Moral: don't stop at %firstname%.
  • CTA in the form of a button increases CTR by 28% (Campaign Monitor). Moral: slide your main CTA behind a button.
  • Sending an email in a person's name increases open and click-through rates (HubSpot). Moral: choose a first name (from a colleague) to send your emails.
  • Resending an email to people who didn't open your first attempt can boost your open rate by more than 10% (OkDork). Moral: adapt your subject line and resend your email to those who didn't open it.
  • Internet users love video, and even just the word "video" in the subject line can boost your open rate by 19% (and your click rate by 65% - HubSpot). Moral: display a video thumbnail with a play button in your email and slip the word "video" into your subject line.
  • Personalizing the send time according to the recipient's profile increases CTR by 11% (MarketingSherpa). Moral: analyze when your readers open your emails and create segments for subsequent mailings.
  • Segmented email campaigns have a 14.32% higher open rate than non-segmented campaigns, and the CTR is 100.95% higher when campaigns are segmented (Mailchimp). Moral: segment your mailing lists.
  • 56% of brands that used an emoji in their email subject had a higher open rate (Experian). Moral: without overdoing it, use a little smile every now and then.
  • The first email (welcome message) generates 320% more revenue than subsequent emails (Easy SMTP).  Moral: take care with your welcome message (after registration / first purchase).

There are also a number of proven recommendations for optimizing email conversion rates.


Here are a few statistics compiled by GetResponse.

These data show us the average engagement rate for 3 types of email: triggered by a given event on a site/application, autoresponder and newsletter. You'll find a more detailed overview in this Smart Insights article. This will enable you to position yourself in relation to the market.

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And if you still have doubts about the benefits of emailing, you should know that

  • Consumers who subscribe to an e-merchant's list spend 138% more than those who receive no email at all (Hatchbuck).
  • In UK, every £1 spent on email marketing generates £38 in revenue (and in the USA, every $ generates $44). (EmailMonday - Campaign Monitor)
  • Against all expectations, 73% of Millennials prefer email as a sales contact channel, because it's part of their daily lives (Clickz).

When it comes to e-mailing, every little detail makes a difference in optimizing conversion rates.

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