Definition of native advertising



Definition of native advertising

Native advertising is an advertising format that integrates perfectly with the editorial content of the support site. Google popularized this format with Adword and Adsense and social networks have modernized it in its form and its integration into user flows.

exemple native advertising

It is also called chameleon advertising because its design changes and adapts depending on the medium on which it is broadcast. It is generally distinguished by the mention of “sponsored by …” which confirms its advertising nature.

This advertising stands out from traditional formats for its non-intrusive side and therefore more respectful of the user experience.

The different types of native advertising

format in-feed native
  • Native in-feed editorial advertising

This is an announcement integrated into the editorial content of a site. The redirect of the article is internal. The reader is redirected to another article without leaving the website.

  • External native in-feed advertising

It is similar to editorial in-feed. However, the redirect is external to the site. The reader lands on another domain name.

  • Native in-feed social advertising

This corresponds to advertisements on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.). This type of advertising is naturally native and appears in the middle of the content we follow.

  • Sponsored ads

These are paid ads that are often found on online sales sites (Ebay, Cdiscount, Amazon, etc.). These ads allow sellers to increase the visibility of a product sheet to increase their income.

  • Commercial or sponsored links

Sponsored links appear on search engines in the first position. These are text ads where advertisers have paid to appear.

Discover here our article on the different types of formats here. The native is considered the most respectful of Internet users. It is less intrusive and not very disturbing for browsing, especially on mobile.

The advantages of native advertising

It is gradually establishing itself as an essential tool in media strategies thanks to:

  • Click-through rates are higher than displays. Unlike classic display ads, native advertising is better perceived by Internet users because they do not directly notice that it is an advertisement.


  • Better visibility therefore memorization because of little “banner blindness”. Being well integrated, Internet users focus their attention more on the native than on advertising banners.


  • A premium editorial context. Advertisers' advertisements are broadcast in quality media. We also talk about brand safety, that is to say that the advertiser who watches over his reputation does not want his ad to be displayed on a site that could harm his image.


  • A substantial reach. It allows you to reach a large audience. Indeed, the audience of the media sites where the advertisements are integrated is generally significant.


  • Competitive prices compared to Social Ads & Google Adwords.


CPM or CPC purchasing methods. The advertiser can choose between these two payment methods according to his objectives.


  • A mobile-friendly format. The native adapts to all media. With more and more people consuming on mobile or tablet, responsiveness is an asset that should not be overlooked in order to respect the user experience and not lose customers.

publicité native responsive

A few figures on native advertising

Native advertising is an increasingly popular advertising format. According to the SRI e-pub Observatory, the share of native advertising is growing. In 2022, the native represents 23% within the Display, an increase of 5% compared to 2019, which shows that advertisers continue to invest.

Graphique stat observatoire de la pub 2022 à insérer

According to a study carried out by Oath in 2018, this format would be 8 times more efficient than classic display advertising in terms of CTR.

It is also more popular with Internet users. In fact, 79% of respondents want to see an ad that blends into the page. This form of advertising provides a better experience. 4 out of 5 recognize native advertising as a form of content. In addition, native advertising would increase user engagement by 63%.

The in-feed is the one that has the most visibility and impact for the advertiser. Located in the middle of the article, it has an average visibility of 5 seconds against 2 seconds if it is placed at the bottom of the page.

How to build your native campaign?

The objective of this type of advertising is to take up the design of the medium where it is located. Thus, to carry out your native campaign, you will first need what is called a creative, that is to say the visual on which the Internet user will click before landing on a landing page.

For your creative, you must provide 3 elements: a title and/or description, an image and a call to action button (CTA)

Choose impactful titles to arouse the interest of the Internet user. Unlike a traditional display campaign, text is necessary for native advertising. Remember to adapt your titles and descriptions according to the image you have chosen.

Make your visuals from existing photos that you already have or make new ones by selecting images adapted to your native campaign. A few tips :

  • Take pictures outside. Outdoor images are more popular than indoor photos.


  • Avoid text over images. Natively, the title of a creative is important to highlight the benefits of your offer, but it is not necessary to add additional text to your image. This will make your visual too busy.


  • Pay attention to the brightness of the image. With good lighting, images are more attractive and experience more clicks than those that are too dark.

For a native advertising campaign, the ideal is to have several creatives in order to test which ones perform or not and optimize your budget accordingly. For more details, find our article on how to make a success of the visuals of your native campaign.

Once your creatives are ready and you have all the necessary elements for your native advertising campaign, it is important to choose or create a good landing page that will convert your prospects. Highlight your offer, your benefits according to your type of campaign, and calls to action to encourage action.

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How can our solution help you?

Thanks to our newsletter monetization solution, we offer advertisers the possibility of distributing their native campaign within our network.

  • Respect for design

Our platform also allows a good adaptation to newsletter templates thanks to the possibility of applying the same design, but also thanks to the different formats that we offer: landscape or portrait. Each advertisement is integrated according to your template.

  • Responsive ads

For a better UX experience, our ads formats are responsive. With the increase in the use of mobile phones and tablets, it is now necessary to adapt the format of campaigns to the different media used in order to reach as many people as possible.

  • Premium partnerships

We have a network of premium newsletters which reinforces the image of your advertising with readers. Indeed, when the advertising is in a premium environment, the effectiveness of the message is more important. Internet users associate positive values ​​with the advertiser because it is associated with the newsletter to which they have subscribed. This efficiency translates into an increase in the click-through rate but also a 29% increase in purchase intentions. This is why our solution will allow you as a brand to spread your message efficiently and profitably.

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