6 key points to increase landing page conversions


6 key points to increase landing page conversions

A landing page is a specific page for your advertising campaigns, designed to generate leads. For a landing page to be effective, it must be able to convert as many people as possible. The landing page therefore plays an essential role in traffic conversion. Here are 6 elements to integrate into a landing page to increase your chances of conversion:

  1. A title: This should sum up what you're offering in one sentence. It needs to be relevant and effective, so that customers know where they've landed. The aim is to convince the visitor to stay on the page and continue reading, thereby reducing the bounce rate. It must therefore clearly indicate what the visitor will find on the page, and arouse their interest.
  2. Benefits: This means highlighting your advantages over the competition. Internet users need to quickly understand the benefits of your offer and why they should choose you. Add key figures to support your argument and enhance the value of your offer.
  3. Features : the features of your offer are important to help your prospects understand what you're offering. This allows you to give a little more detail about your product or service, such as the components of a product, the program of an event, the functionalities of a solution, etc.
  4. Use media : illustration, photo, video. Media have more impact than text. Confucius' famous quote "A picture is worth a thousand months" illustrates the point. Media supports your message and dresses up your page. Visuals should convey your message and enable web users to better understand what your offer looks like, especially if it's a product.
  5. Highlight testimonials : These reassure prospects and encourage them to buy or enquire. Customer testimonials are important, and should be highlighted at the point where the visitor is about to make a decision. They should therefore be placed on your various pages, including your landing page. Generally speaking, 3 testimonials are enough. The point is to show that other people trust you. Working with well-known brands helps reinforce the prospect's trust.
  6. Integrate a short form with a CTA : the page should contain a short form to collect the prospect's essential information. Conversely, if the form asks for too much information, the completion rate will be low. The conversion process must be quick and simple for the web surfer. The call to action must be visible to encourage clicks and conversions. For it to be striking and eye-catching, it must be emphasized through its size, shape and color. In addition to its formatting, it should also include an action verb such as subscribe, pay, download, etc. The aim is to show the action expected by the web user. The call to action should be placed under the form, but it's also advisable to add several of them, one at the top of the page and another at the bottom, so that it's easy for the web user to find.

Each element of the page is important in encouraging the reader to click on the action button. Don't hesitate to test different versions of your landing page, with different titles, visuals and benefits, to determine the most effective strategy.

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