10 techniques to boost the number of subscribers to your newsletter.


10 techniques to boost the number of subscribers to your newsletter

A subscriber list is constantly evolving. Subscribers come and go, some email addresses are abandoned or discontinued by their users (for example, when the subscriber leaves his or her job), some emails that used to arrive in the main inbox now go to the spams box. It also happens that some mailings are mistakenly considered spam. In short, as a newsletter manager, you can never rest on your laurels. It's essential to keep adding new subscribers to the list, to replace those who have been diverted from your messages by the vagaries of life or technology. But how do you go about maximizing your chances of attracting new subscribers? That's the subject of this article, in which we suggest 10 techniques for boosting the number of subscribers to your newsletter.

  1. Multiply subscription opportunities 

Make no mistake: the aim is not to flood your website visitors with a cascade of intrusive pop-up windows. It's to present them with an opportunity to sign up at every moment when the invitation might be relevant:

  • at the end of a blog post, to receive others just as interesting
  • in the footer of the site, where a visitor's vertical path generally ends
  • as a banner at the top of the page, associated with a promotion
  • in the sidebar of a blog
  • at the end of an order payment, associated with a discount coupon for a subsequent order
  • on a page presenting a series of models, to find out more about new products, combined with the dispatch of a brochure
  • in the form of a pop-up, triggered after a certain visit time, to respond to hesitation by sending full documentation by e-mail
  • in the form of a pop-up exit, offering a discount that will keep the visitor coming back.

If you're using WordPress, a plugin like Bloom from Elegant Themes lets you manage a whole range of forms. HelloBar lets you create a sign-up bar at the top of your site. Sumo also offers several email collection tools.

  1. Bet on interactivity

Offer a calculator, quiz or competition on your site. And take advantage of the opportunity to offer visitors who entrust you with their email address (to receive a result or to take part) the chance to subscribe to your newsletter to receive your promotions and/or be informed of other similar interactive operations.

  1. Collect your interlocutor's e-mail address in a chat window

If you're using a bot or another form of chat, ask the person you're talking to to sign up for your newsletter. On Facebook Messenger, within a chatbot, all they have to do is press a button (quick reply) to send you the email address associated with their Facebook account.

  1. Invite your offline customers/prospects to sign up

Newsletter subscriptions can also be made at events or points of sale. There are a number of applications for tablets that allow you to manage registration, directly injected into your CRM.

  1. Cross-reference your invitations

A subscriber to newsletter A could be interested in subscribing to newsletter B. So don't hesitate to cross-invite (see also co-registration below).

  1. Aim for virality

If you're organizing a contest, suggest that participants invite their acquaintances to increase their chances of winning. When they in turn interact with the contest, you can suggest that they subscribe to your newsletter and then invite their acquaintances. A virtuous circle.

  1.  Play the win-win card 

To boost your subscriber numbers, simply offer your newsletter subscribers the chance to invite their acquaintances to benefit from an advantage that the new subscriber will also enjoy. A win-win formula.

  1. Build lookalike audiences

Turn your mailing list into a custom audience on Facebook, from which you can extrapolate a lookalike audience. Communicate to this audience to recruit new subscribers.

  1. Experiment with co-registration


Many publishers, including e-retailers, offer their readers/customers the opportunity to subscribe to a third-party newsletter. Choose the right partners and experiment with this effective recruitment method.

  1. Invite yourself to another publisher's newsletter 

Did you know that it's possible to communicate in a hyper-targeted way in the newsletters (and transactional emails) of dozens of premium publishers?

That's what ividence offers. In just a few clicks, you can invite readers with an affinity for your product or service to subscribe to your newsletter (and, for added effectiveness, link a customer benefit to the subscription).

What are you waiting for to boost the number of subscribers to your newsletter? We'd love to hear from you.

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