What ividence does

A stand-alone email ad exchange

The ividence platform is a stand-alone email ad exchange that uses behavioral targeting technology. We connect advertisers and list owners to enable them both to unlock the true potential of their email strategies.

Using ividence’s platform, a publisher can safely and effectively monetize their email list while maintaining complete control over all emails sent. Similarly, an advertiser can take advantage of the high ROI of email as a customer acquisition channel.

ividence handles the entire process from start to finish:

  1. Finding and connecting advertisers and publishers
  2. Optimizing email creative and maintaining list hygiene to enhance deliverability
  3. Matching the right email offer to the right records based on end-user behavior, campaign performance, and advertiser bid.
  4. Sending email offers
  5. Managing feedback, including unsubscribes and complaints
  6. Providing real-time reporting for both advertisers and list owners so that there is complete visibility into the system.

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