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The ividence platform evaluates each campaign using a multistage process which takes into account key factors that have been shown to influence performance.

Using this process, ividence determines the quality of a record in relation to a campaign and provides the best quality records possible for the price the advertiser is willing to pay. ividence uses a three-part system to score the match between a campaign and record:

Record Match: How does past behavior indicate this record will respond?
This score looks at the past behavior of an email record and uses that information to measure how well the record responds to a given type of email. The ividence platform takes this score into account when determining targeting and pricing of profiles for each campaign. 

Campaign Match: How did this campaign perform in evaluation?
This score is based on the performance of specific acquisition campaigns run on the ividence platform and is measured against the structure that advertisers set as the indicators for pricing (CPM, CPC, CPA, etc.). The ividence platform uses this score to equalize the pricing structures of each campaign so that the platform can properly evaluate each advertiser’s bid.

Inventory Potential Match: How many emails can be delivered to the right target?
This score reflects how many emails can be delivered to the right target at the advertiser’s stated price. It’s related to the number of records available to send to over a period of time based on both frequency parameters set by list owners and requirements that ividence puts in place to improve deliverability and performance.

Based on these scores, the ividence platform decides how and where to allocate email records by campaign. If campaigns don’t meet a performance threshold in their evaluation that allows them to be allocated sufficient records, ividence will pause the campaign and work with the advertiser to improve performance or increase the bid for the campaign.

These methodologies enable ividence to optimize performance for both advertisers and list owners.


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