How it works


ividence operates a state-of-the-art global sending infrastructure which offers top-level performance for inbox delivery, incorporating best practices for both sender reputation and email creative.

Sender Reputation
We support industry authentication standards, record server signatures, and ensure our sending IPs have the optimal reputation.

ividence also manages feedback loops, monitors abuse feeds, and dynamically processes and manages bounce codes on lists. We provide a system for constant two-way communication of unsubscribes with list owners to adhere to CAN-SPAM and to prevent spam complaints.

Email Creative
We operate current spam tests to ensure creative is optimized for deliverability, working with advertisers to fix any issues with coding, images, or text.  

We "just" provide the highest deliverability on the market, and we recommend testing to prove it. So if deliverability is critical for you, feel free to contact us: we are passionate about it!


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